Controversial Topics


I know, I know… I’m starting off with a post that is going to seem a little negative.

You may say,”I thought you were creating a safe place for people to learn about crunchy things, Kim!”

And if you do, you are correct. I do desire to create a safe space to talk about crunchy ideals. However, there are a few topics that tend to turn into major battles and yelling matches. Can you guess what they are?

Vaccines and circumcision.

Yep! Those are the two that cause even the most gentle crunchy people to turn into very mean, hurtful individuals. People tend to let their emotions get in the way and forget they are discussing with an actual human on the other end of the screen.

You may also say,”Don’t you care about these subjects? Don’t you have an opinion on them?”

And, again, your questions would be valid. Yes. I absolutely have strong feelings about both subjects. I’m guessing you do, too. I also know that there are more qualified individuals that can explain the crunchy side of these issues. If you need resources for either, please feel free to message me at: .

In my experience, you will never sway someone on such a serious matter if you do not already have relational equity with them. Please do not get into an argument over these two topics in the comments. I appreciate your help in keeping this blog a safe place for all visitors to respectfully discuss healthy living with one another.