Mother’s Day Gifts

It is a few weeks until Mother’s Day…

Are you panicking yet? Well, we keep it pretty simple around here on Mother’s Day, but I do have some good gift ideas that moms and grandmas (especially grandmas) will love. These were all projects that my child worked very hard to create for Christmas gifts. I think they will still draw a good response from the ladies in your life.

The Personalized Coffee Cup:

You can buy glass pens at your local craft store and a plain coffee mug and let your kiddo(s) go to town with decorations. Then, you can use your oven to kiln it according to the package directions. It’s a fun and easy project and it doesn’t have to turn out perfectly because it displays their own personal flare.


The Pre-Sketched Canvas Painting:

We went to our local craft store and found some canvases that were pre-sketched with all sorts of designs. I picked out the flower canvas because it looked like it was the simplest for little hands to paint. I don’t have a picture of the finished project because I wasn’t blogging at the time, but this picture was taken halfway through:

Flower Painting

The Wood Flowers Shadow Box:

Flower Box CutoutsWe found some wood cut-outs at Target in the craft section. We had been talking about warm colors versus cool colors at the time and I used that knowledge as parameters for this project. I only let him use warm colors or cool colors per flower so we didn’t end up with several brown flowers. It went surprisingly well. We used the acrylic paint from Target and small paint brushes with thick handles–perfect for little hands. This gift was for the grandmas at Christmas and they all loved it. They oooed and ahhhhed and he was bursting with pride.


Other non-crafty ideas:

My personal dream wish for Mother’s Day is a hotel room to myself with a jacuzzi, a fresh new haircut/style, a pedicure, a massage, sleeping in as late as I want, and some really delicious wine. But since that isn’t an option in the real world (okay, in my world… it may be an option in yours), these other suggestions will probably suffice.

*Not having to cook lunch.

*Time at a coffee shop alone.

*A run or bike ride alone.

*Sleeping in and waking up to breakfast in bed.

*A new book and time to read it all.

Have you noticed a pattern here? By myself time and not having to cook. Those are clearly my top two.

If you could have anything for Mother’s Day, what would you ask for? If cost did not stand in your way, what would you give to the mom or important woman in your life? Let me know in the comments.

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