My Story


Welcome to Crunchability!

This blog is an attempt at documenting my journey toward healthier living. Before the late fall of 2012, I ate whatever I craved. I ate mostly processed foods and rarely had vegetables. I enjoyed enormous amounts of dairy daily. I constantly burned candles and used air fresheners in my home. I hired someone to treat my yard yearly. I used fabric softener. I did not grow my own food. There are many other things I used to do that I will share as I blog.

33 weeks pregnant

My life changed drastically when I learned that I was pregnant after roughly 7 years of infertility and miscarriage. It took an even more drastic turn when I met two lovely certified professional midwives. They gently encouraged me to change some of my bad habits. Since then, I have been adopting healthier habits as I learn of new crunchy ways to improve our quality of life.

I would be honored if you would join me on my journey. I will never claim to have all of the answers because we are all continually learning. I also will not entertain competition of crunchy ideals here. No one is better than anyone else. We are all doing the best we can with the knowledge we have. So, let’s grab a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy the journey together. I’m so glad you stopped by.